From the beginning it has been dealing with various sectors of the building field: residences, shops, restaurants, resorts, offices and workshops, looking after every aspect for completion of the work: from structural design to plant engineering, and from architectural to interior design.

The attention paid to detail, organising and planning of one’s work, thanks to all that MEGIP company offers with its own means and workforce being a guarantee for those who trust this company. The love of nature and green areas is the value that is most important to us in general!

For 70 years we have been making furniture and places to live, handing down the secrets of the Tuscan artisan tradition for three generations. We work with passion, respecting the environment and with an obsessive attention to detail and the search for materials.



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Many old properties purchased by foreigners in Italy are in need of restoration, renovation and modernization.


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Complex construction sites and projects require collaboration between multiple disciplines in the construction industry. Conparart is the unique partner you are looking for!


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Technical Support

With the experience gained in over 50 years of projects, our Consortium is able to provide full assistance in the design phase and during the work progress in all fields of application.


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Swimming pools

The group’s 200 employees, together with all the craftsmen, and professionals from Consortium’s companies make the final product really “turnkey”: everybody works carefully in his/her field: from design, production, and annual maintenance.


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Landscape Architecture

The understanding of the site is one of the chief essentials for successful landscaping. Our study of Architecture allows us to offer a high quality service.


CON.PAR.ART. Precious materials and Luxury Furniture by Bugetti

Furniture and Building Materials Supply

The consortium partners provide all the high quality raw materials necessary for both construction and building restoration.

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